At Baka Gallery Cafe, we like to feature local talent in the gallery. Currently, we are featuring:


Anton Selyshchev

Anton Selyshchev is a photographer based in Toronto. Travelling has been his passion ever since his parents first took him hiking and canoeing as a toddler. Anton's interest in photography first began as a way to document the places he visited, but over the years his passion for photography grew and travel became an integral part of that. He loves to tell stories of a landscape - getting to places that are beautiful and remote, looking at them through the camera lens, waiting for the perfect moment to take a shot that best conveys the feeling of the place.

Nature has always been the main inspiration for Anton’s work. His foremost interests are landscape and wildlife photography. This exhibit brings together landscapes from around the world revealing the serene beauty of nature and the joy of witnessing it.


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