At Baka Gallery Cafe, we like to feature local talent in the gallery. Currently, we are featuring:

Hisar Catrina Dia de Muertos

Rita Hisar

Rita Hisar is an Italian/Czech Contemporary Artist based in Toronto. Rita grew up on a farm, which means she had a lot of time to admire nature and to spend time drawing at a very, very young age. She can not remember a time when she didn't draw. Rita was blessed to have the opportunity to study and work in law and teaching but she never stopped working on her art. Although Rita is largely self-taught, she decided to study art at OCAD (Ontario College of Art and Design) and Toronto School of Art more recently.

Rita uses acrylic paint and a knife to create paintings that come alive with colour and texture. She likes to use bright pastel colours that reflect a spirit of hope and optimism. When she paints a portrait for example, she paints layers and layers of colour that reflect the person's energy and complexity. The colours also represent his or her "passion"-which is something that unites us all.

Hisar Justin Beiber

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